"Michèle tuned deeply into the things I love to do, and got a really accurate sense of some of the things that are most intrinsic about me and important to me -- things that are so much a part of me, I don't necessarily even perceive them."

— L Edwards, Michigan

“Now it’s my time. . .”

Welcome to Your Next Quest (YNQ)

Let's face it. Many of us gladly—and without any hesitation—regularly take on quests for our loved ones, yet procrastinate about launching our own. For many of us, it's only when we reach a certain age, that we're ready to say, "Now it's my time."

I’m Michèle Meagher (pronounced marr) and women like us have been called baby boomers, "middle-escents" and "prime time women." Many of us have even called ourselves ladies in waiting (on others).

I call us Queens of our own realm, our own Destiny — powerful women ready to take the next step. Whether you're single, married, with or without children, your "next quest" can lead you to the best chapter in your life!

What I believe

Each of you is a realm of one. In your realm you can be a subject. Or in your realm you can be queen. In your realm, you can choose to be buffeted by circumstance or take control of the "reigns." Who do you choose to be: subject or queen?

I've made the choice to be queen of my own realm. I hope you'll join me by claiming your own!

How I can help you claim your realm

One way I can help you launch your own journey is with YNQ Chronicles, my free monthly e-newsletter. With each issue you'll meet a Quest Maker, a woman who has made her own dream happen. You'll also be able to download the YNQ Journal Sparker, a "life-sheet" for your journal.

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Another way I can help you is with a phone consultation. Whether your quest is personal or professional, we'll work together to start you on the path to where you want to be.

I invite you to learn a bit more about me and to learn about who I work with.

Your Idea Sparker,

Michèle M. Meagher